THIS WEEK IN POLITICS: JULY 26, 2019 MONDAY JULY 22, 2019: CONGRESS REACHES BUDGET AGREEMENT A fiscal deal was negotiated on Monday to lift the nation’s debt limit and raise federal spending levels. This agreement was negotiated by Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin. Pres. Trump endorsed the agreement onContinue reading “THIS WEEK IN POLITICS: JULY 26, 2019”


THIS WEEK IN POLITICS: JULY 19, 2019 SATURDAY JULY 13, 2019: ATTACK ON MIGRANT DETENTION CENTER A man in the early morning on Sunday armed with a rifle, threw bombing devices at a migrant detention center in Tacoma, Washington. The man also caused a vehicle to catch on fire, attempted to ignite a large propaneContinue reading “THIS WEEK IN POLITICS: JULY 19, 2019”

What Was Our DC Lobby Day?

What Was Our DC Lobby Day? The College Democrats of Maryland recently held their annual Lobby Day in Washington, D.C. It was a brisk, cold morning when students from chapters across the state met outside the Capitol Visiting Center on November 16th. Members from Salisbury, Towson, and UMBC split up into three groups and metContinue reading “What Was Our DC Lobby Day?”

Make Your Voice Heard

Make Your Voice Heard We are less than a week away from one of the most important elections of our lifetimes where there are more women, first time candidates, and people of color on the ballot and it is time to turn #IWillVote into #IVoted. This election will determine which party controls the House ofContinue reading “Make Your Voice Heard”

Women’s Caucus

Women’s Caucus The leadership of the College Democrats of Maryland’s first established caucus, the Women’s Caucus, is thrilled to be beginning their work for the new school year! As it embarks on its first year as an assembled caucus, one of the primary objectives of the Women’s Caucus is to promote local and national politicalContinue reading “Women’s Caucus”

On Brett Kavanaugh

On Brett Kavanaugh We stand with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and all survivors of sexual assault. We respect Dr. Ford while she continues to persevere through insults and attacks on her character, from the general public, Senators, and our President, as she speaks her truth. As our country changes how we talk about sexual assault,Continue reading “On Brett Kavanaugh”

College Dems Start the Year Off Strong

College Dems Start the Year Off Strong The College Democrats of Maryland have been very active since we kicked off the 2018 Academic year. Over the first weekend of school, we went up to Fredrick to canvass for Democrats like State Senator Ron Young, David Trone to be our next Congressman in the Maryland 6thContinue reading “College Dems Start the Year Off Strong”