Members in attendance with Senator Cheryl Kagan (District 17) and the College Democrats of Maryland previous President, Ryan Kirby.

On March 11, 2019 students from all across Maryland gathered at the Annapolis Statehouse to lobby. Once our students arrived at the Statehouse, they split up into two groups and began meeting with Delegates and Senators. They were able to meet with Legislators such as Sen. Cheryl Kagan, Del. Terri Hill, Sen. Sarah Elfreth and many more! They even ran into our previous President, Ryan Kirby, who currently works for Sen. Cheryl Kagan as the Chief of staff.

During their meetings with the legislators, they were able to advocate and lobby for bills that were significant to them. Several bills they lobbied on include: improved funding for HBCU’s, accessibility of Senatorial and Delegate scholarships to undocumented students, prohibition of 3D-printed firearms and more concerning college students and the state of Maryland as a whole. Meanwhile one of the groups was meeting with legislators, the other had some free time between meetings and were able to attend the “March for Our Schools” that occurred outside of the Statehouse.

After all of the scheduled meetings of the day were over, our students attended a Senate session in the Statehouse. At the beginning of the session, U.S. Sen. Chris Van Hollen gave a speech to the Senate since he was attending the “March of Our Schools” and the College Democrats were even recognized in the chamber by Sen. Sarah Elfreth. It was a very successful lobby day for our College Democrats and an unforgettable experience.

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